Driving Lessons Wisbech.

DARE2DRIVE® was established in 2015 by Pennie Alexander, a former Gymnastics Coach. With the aim to impart safe driving skills for life. Giving you the ability to be independent and enhance career prospects. It is the aim of DARE2DRIVE® to provide customers, with the skills of driving safely, for a lifetime. By customers, we mean ALL drivers. Whether they have little or no knowledge, or a vast amount of experience. Any person training with us, will discover how to drive, in a Defensive manner, giving thought to others on the road. Be Attentive and prepared for any situation. Be Responsible for their actions and drive Efficiently and economically.


Learning to drive can be a very daunting experience. Here at the DARE2DRIVE®, a driving school based in Wisbech, you will be given all the support, time and dedication you require. Each stage of learning will enable you to discover skills, that can be used on the road, keeping those anxious feelings to a minimum.

Everyone is unique, learns at their own pace and in their own individual way. With the help of DARE2DRIVE®, you will achieve your goals and understand the rules and regulations of driving. At the end of each lesson, you will have a discussion with your instructor, about the things that happened and how you feel about them. Your instructor will also help you devise a program of learning. This will be revised at regular intervals, to make sure you are happy with your progress.

Your progress will be recorded in a booklet, which you will keep and bring to each lesson. This will enable you to practice with another licensed driver over the age of 21. Anyone helping you, must also have held a full licence in category B (car), for a minimum of 3 years. The car must be insured and road legal. We do not suggest, you take to the road in a vehicle without dual controls, until your instructor says that you are ready. This is important, for your safety and that of others.


Most full licence holders, think they are good drivers. In fact, in a room of approximately 20 people, around 80% will think they are above average! So, how do you know if your driving skills are good or bad? Have you ever had, your driving skills assessed? Could you be, a more competent driver?  With so many road incidents occurring in the local area, how can you keep yourself safe and reduce the risk of being involved in a collision?

Do you drive for work? If so, did you know, that you are at a greater risk of having a road traffic collision?

By learning how to become a Defensive, Responsible, Attentive and Efficient driver, you could save yourself money and lower this risk of having a road traffic incident.

We can also teach you about drinking alcohol and driving, the dangers and the myths!