The Big Learner Relay began in 2014 by Louise Walsh, a driving instructor from Lymington. Whilst watching Children In Need the previous year she wondered what she could do to help, then thought what could driving instructors do??? That’s when the idea of a relay across the country came to mind. So she set to work and The Big Learner Relay was born, with expectations of making £5,000 for Children In Need, by driving instructors placing dots on their cars and receiving donations for people to sign them. Well………… at the end of the Relay when everything was totted up, they were amazed by just how much they had SMASHED their target and raised a WHOPPING £65,000!

Due to the success Lou and her team now run the event every year, with more and more ADI’s taking part. DARE2DRIVE have been taking part since 2015, when we were first established and will continue to do so every year, for this great cause.

You do not have to be an ADI to take part, so if you would like to get involved, get dotty and get in touch.

For more information and to purchase merchandise for the BIG event visit the website