I am currently the only instructor available with DARE2DRIVE®. In the near future, as long as all goes well, we will have new instructors joining. If you are interested in joining the DARE2DRIVE® family, then have a look at our ADI-PDI page for more information, or get in touch to see what we can offer.

I passed my driving test on the first attempt on 14th June 1985. I have driven many thousands of miles up and down the country. With my father being in the motor trade, I had the opportunity to drive many different cars, from small to large, and a variety of vans over the years. I have taken part in competitive motorsport, including motor-cross and hotrods. Something I did enjoy was taking part in a few test laps around Brands Hatch, for the Fiesta Challenge Championship where I produced some good lap times, although, unfortunately, and sadly I didn’t have the financial backing to be able to afford to continue.

Before becoming a driving instructor I worked for 4 years as a professional delivery driver. The vehicle I drove was an Iveco Daily box van. I also have experience driving a Volvo 1.5 tonne mini digger and a Terrex 3 tonne swivel dump truck.

Before my driving work, I coached Gymnastics for a total of 15 years, only stopping due to injuries. At this time, I worked in infant and high schools; both during and outside lesson times. I was one of the lead coaches and the club welfare officer at Easton Gymnastics Club near Norwich, and I also had my own club, WayLanders Gymnastics Club in Watton, coaching people of varying ages, from 3 to 52. Seeing any of the gymnasts accomplish their goals, gave me a great feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I had helped them achieve that something special. One of the little ones I used to teach, has now progressed to the British Junior Squad, of which I am extremely proud. I loved coaching gymnastics and miss it terribly; passing on my knowledge and helping people both young and old achieve new skills. So because of this and with my love of driving, I decided to train, as an Approved Driving Instructor.

Another reason though for becoming an instructor was my eldest daughter. Two weeks after she passed her driving test, she was involved in an incident and wrote off her car.


Fortunately, she was not injured, but she was extremely shocked by the event. As you may be able to tell in the photo, her car is on the opposite side of the road, from the direction she was traveling. It was at the end of the dual carriageway on the A47, near East Dereham. Things could have been much, much worse!

As a driving instructor, I want my customers to understand and be aware of the dangers and be as safe as possible, on the busy roads of today. It is my intention to also help those under my tuition, feel happy and confident in their abilities as a driver.

I like to think I am a very approachable and conscientious person, methodical and I try to be punctual (though not always possible). It will be my duty, to pass my skills and knowledge on to those who are in need of driver education. Something I hope to do, in an impassioned and enthusiastic way.

Since becoming a driving instructor and starting up my own company, I have continued to improve my own skills, so I can be, the best I can, at my job. I have completed a Diploma in Driver Education, a BTEC Level 3 Award in Training and Education, a Level 3 Certificate in Substance Misuse, First Aid at Work, and a Certificate in Behavioural Change. I have passed my Elite Driving Test with Diamond advanced driving and taken further training to obtain my Fleet Badge, meaning I am fully qualified to deliver training to drivers of company vehicles. I am also able to deliver training to those wishing to become driving instructors.

As well as training people to drive, I deliver drink-driving rehabilitation courses across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

I have also worked with East Anglian Driveability, ensuring elderly and disabled drivers are safe on the road. However, due to Covid-19, I was made redundant from this role due to Covid-19 and although being asked to return, I have decided not to at this time, as there are so many people wanting to learn to drive. I now also deliver sessions for Drive Doctors who work with NFU Mutual Insurance, delivering driver assessments to those that have road traffic collisions.

I make it my own personal goal to help everyone, no matter how anxious or scared of driving they may be, to achieve their own goal of driving. Some people find it easy to take to the roads, others find it extremely difficult. I am of the opinion that if you really want to drive, you can do it. It just takes patience and perseverance on your part and encouragement on mine for you to get there. I’ve had many learners state that I am so patient and ask how I can put up with them; this is what I love about being a driving instructor, being there to help each individual and allowing them all the time they need to develop their skills, and giving them a little push from time to time when I feel they need it!

During the lockdowns, I have been delivering Drink Driving Rehabilitation courses and completing lots of self-development, by way of reading and online meetings. I am hoping that the knowledge I have gained will improve my skills and help you become safer and more skilled drivers on the roads of today.